I am checking off another book read on my quest to read 52 books in 2010.  I spent the last few days reading through the Dare 2 Share Conference Notebook that has been assembled by our Operations Division.  I am torn between checking this off as 1 of the 4 magazines I have obligated myself to read this year or as 1 of the 2 textbooks I pledged to read.  I would actually love your opinion so feel free to vote. 

Anyway, I had to read the notebook to prepare for a new role that I will be serving at our Columbus conference this weekend: Assistant Event Mananger.  We no longer have a Director of Events so those of us on Dare 2 Share’s Leadership Team will be serving in this capacity.  We will spend one conference shadowing our VP of Operations as he runs point for a conference (I will shadow him for the Columbus conference) and then we will take our turn running point for a subsequent conference and he will shadow us (I will have the opportunity to lead for our St Louis conference).

I found reading the Dare 2 Share Conference Notebook quite fascinating.  It was more interesting than an operators manual for a high-end electronic device or appliance but was equally as detailed and informative.  It contained every aspect of the conference weekend from the minute-by-minute setup and conference program to contracts and riders to everyting in between.  It has provided a completely new layer of understanding and appreciation for our conferences and I am definitely excited about the new opportunity to be in this leadership role and be in a role of facilitation and delegation.  What an awesome experience…

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