Brief Overview
“Look at yourselves. Unplug from your chairs, get up and look in the mirror. What you see is how God made you. We’re not meant to experience the world through a machine.”  This is the opening line to the movie, Surrogate, which was recently released on DVD.  It actually sets up the entire movie, which I personally thought was pretty decent, and paints the picture of a world that can be experienced through surrogate bodies while the operator sits safely at home plugged into what could be described as a virtual video game experience.  What’s even better is that you get to create your own image as differently or as similarly to your real self as you would like.  You can change anything you don’t like about yourself and give off the impression of perfection.  Surrogates provide a facade you can hide behind.

Spiritual Themes:
I don’t know about you but there have been several instances in life that I wished I was someone else, or at the very least, had the ability to start over with a blank slate and recreate myself.  I grew up as a military brat so I actually had a lifestyle that let me think like this and even catered to it.  When I was younger I didn’t really entertain these thoughts but as I got older I actually grew dependant on the idea of getting to start over.  I can remember strategizing what type of first impressions I would leave on people and the type of person I wanted to be.  It was almost like preparing for a new role in a play or movie.

My problem was two-fold.  At that time in my life (late high school and early college) I obviously wasn’t pleased with who God had created me to be and believed that I could have done a better job than God.  Follow this thinking all the way to its end and the fundamental statement I was making is that God is not sovereign, omniscient…not God at all.  The other thing I failed to realize, as I had put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ before these struggles gripped me, is that I was already a new creation.  Not only had God created me just the right way from the beginning but upon putting my faith and trust in Jesus Christ I truly was a new creation, the only “Start over” that really matters.

Supporting Passages

  • Genesis 1:26-31
  • Psalm 139:13-16
  • 2 Corinthians 5:16-21

ALT-ernative Questions:

  1. If you could design your own “surrogate,” what would it look like?
  2. How different would your “surrogate” be from who you really are?
  3. What self image do you like to project to those around you?
  4. What words would you use to describe who you think you are?
  5. After reading Genesis 1:26-31, what does the Bible say about the creation of man?
  6. What thoughts come to your mind as you read the words of the Psalmist in Psalm 139:13-16?
  7. What hope do you have in Jesus according to Paul’s word in 2 Corinthians?

Gospel Segue
God created us in His image so we could enjoy a relationship with Him.  Just like Adam and Eve in the garden, we have ruined that relationship with the sin in our lives and now matter how hard we try there is no good deed that can restore that relationship with God.   But paying the price for our sins, Jesus Christ died and rose on third day claiming victory over our sins, death, and the devil!  Everyone who trusts in Him alone is a new creation and has eternal life.  That life with Jesus starts now and lasts forever!

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