Brace yourself for a short Friday morning rant as I stand on my tiny little soapbox in cyberspace.

This message, “Will 2010 be the year you believe in Jesus?” adorns a church’s marquee sign that I drive by every few days and I have to say its message really bothers me for a variety of reasons:

  • If I’m not a Christian, why would I think I need to believe in Jesus?
  • Is this really what modern day evangelism has come to?
  • Is this sign supposed to make me want to attend your church?
  • What’s so special about 2010?
  • Why is it their responsiblity to believe in Jesus and not our responsibility to tell them the Gospel?
  • Seriously, do you think this is effective anyway?

I’m not going to lie, and it may already be evident of this blog post, but I’m a little cynical of church signs anyway.  However, if I might be bold enough to offer a better slogan for your sign that might even make a better sermon series:

“Church, will 2010 be the year that you share the Gospel?”

2 thoughts on ““Will 2010 be the year you believe in Jesus?”

  1. I should probably refrain from commenting right now…
    I’ll just say Amen to what Jason said…
    and then take it one step further…”Church, will today be a day that you will share the love of Christ?”

    Thanks Jason, I’ll tell our Church Sign guy to go take that down now… ha.

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