I love my boys!

The 5 us connected again on Sunday night and began our study of Romans.  I was proud of them as the 4 that had attended last week had all read Romans 1 & 2 and they all had comments and questions on the text.  They were even disappointed when our conversation got cut off at 8:30pm because 2 of them had to leave.  The questions and comments they made were pretty deep. 

  1. The first question had to do with the pronoun, “you,” that appears throughout.  One of the guys wanted to know who “you” referred to: us or someone else Paul was writing to.  I explained that the answer was both.  We first need to understand the text from the perspective of who Paul was originally writing to and then discern what that same message means to us today. 
  2. Questions were also brought up regarding when Paul wrote it, where he was at when he wrote it, and how long after Jesus’ death and resurrection this all took place.
  3. Another one of the boys brought up the issue of circumcision and what that meant for the Jews vs. the Gentiles and had even go so far to talk to his dad about it.  He remembered his dad had mentioned something about circumcision of the heart so we discussed what it meant to go through the motions of keeping the law vs. loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.  It was a great discussion and got the boys thinking on a whole new level.

The other thing I was blown away by was the fact that 2 of the boys started journals and brought them to group so they could jot down the other questions asked and the answers we discussed.

I cannot wait to discuss Romans 3 & 4 next Sunday night!

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