Let me first start by saying that I absolutely love my church, Northern Hills!  Today was an amazing Sunday morning worship experience.  For me, it was one of a handful of worship experiences I have had in my life where I felt as if the Spirit was physically prompting and prodding me to respond to God in my worship of Him. 

You can CLICK HERE and check out the worship service from Sunday, October 4th.  Scott Hamilton was teaching and my wife, Neva, was leading worship in our main venue, The River.  I’m not sure how you will respond or what God will reveal to you through this worship and message, but here are some of the things that happened to me today:

  • during worship I removed my sandals from my feet, something I do somewhat regularly.  I am reminded of Moses and his encounter with God as a burning bush in which he was instructed to remove his sandals as he was standing on holy ground.
  • I couldn’t keep my hands in my pockets or at my sides today either.  More so than normal I was compelled to raise my hands as high as I could in complete surrender to God.
  • When it came to giving our financial gift to the church I was eager and joyful to do so today…something I haven’t felt in quite some time.
  • Scott positioned a wooden cross at the front and center of our stage as the service concluded this morning and we were invited to come and rest at the foot of the cross do business.  It was cool to see people respond and come and pray at the front.  I didn’t expect what happened next.  At one point there were 3 women all praying down front and the Spirit began to speak to me and I can remember my body literally beginning to shake as I felt overwhelmed.  His message: there are 3 of your sisters-in-Christ doing business with God and you need to go and pray protection over them as spiritual warfare is raging all around them.  I moved.  And as I walked down front I began crying and walking faster as my body felt like it wasn’t my own.  As I got down front I just remember praying alound over those 3 women as they were at the foot of the cross dealing with whatever they were dealing with.  As I prayed I literally felt as if there was a shield of protection surrounding them as they prayed…not because of me and what I did, but God’s presence literally providing them a shield.  As the time went I couldn’t help but smile and feel overjoyed as the worship continued.
  • As the band played the last few songs I felt as if I sang louder than I have ever worshiped before.  It was amazing!

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