I love my Sales Team (all 6 of them, 7 of them starting 9/21) and everything that they have accomplished recently.  They have been successful over the past few months in a very trying economic time and our Blaze conference tour is looking incredible right now!  I love the effort they have put into our success and the results they have been able to generate.  We typically take one of our 15-minute team check-ins at the beginning of a new month to acknowledge the hard work, celebrate what we accomplished for that previous month, and I award 2 “traveling” trophies to celebrate the Ministry Advocate that has earned the Registration Sales trophy and our Curriculum Sales trophy.  These trophies are “traveling” as they change hands at the end of each month if another Ministry Advocate was able to de-throne the previous month’s winner.  This is one of my favorite meetings of the month.

All of that being said, I had a team member approach me a few weeks ago and mentioned to me that I was doing a great job celebrating the top performers, as I should, but I was missing an opportunity I used to take advantage of in celebrating everyone on the team that hit their Call Activities as well as their Sales Numbers.  Example: last month 6 of 7 Ministry Advocates hit their Sales Numbers for the month but only the top performer was rewarded with our trophy for Registration Sales. 

Then this morning I was reading Sales Caffeine by Jeffrey Gitomer and his article was on rewarding those who have earned it.  It hit my right between the eyes that by rewarding my two top performers (sometimes the same person) I was doing a good thing, but by not acknowledging the individual team members that also did their job and hit their numbers, I wasn’t doing a great thing.  He also mentioned blogging about it so here I am typing away!

All of that being said, I am still going to reward my top performers for their successes each month, but I also want to encourage and reward anyone on my Sales Team that go the job done and hit their numbers as well.  Trust me, they will still be fighting for the trophies – they are sales people and they are passionate about what we represent!

August Sales Awards

Registration Sales Trophy – Joni Scudder, Ministry Advocate to Chicago
Curriculum Sales Trophy – John Musil, Ministry Advocate to Columbus

100+% to Sales Forecast – Joni Scudder, Ministry Advocate to Chicago; John Musil, Ministry Advocate to Columbus; Jamie Stanley, Ministry Advocate to Phoenix; Adam Cedillo, Ministry Advocate to Seattle; Chuck Acker, Ministry Advocate to St. Louis.

Exceeding Call Stats – Brian Conn, Ministry Advocate to Denver; Joni Scudder, Ministry Advocate to Chicago

*                    *                    *                    *                    *

Congratulations Team on a great August!  I look forward to celebrating our efforts and success in September!


One thought on “My Sales Team at Dare 2 Share – August Review

  1. NICE job everyone! We’re praying for all the hard work you put into making D2S a successful ministry that is impacting the lives of teens and youth leaders across the country.

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