You read that correctly.  With pressure from my wife, of all people, we bit the bullet and purchased a Wii this weekend and have joined the gaming cult that is taking the world by storm.  The decision was tough as I debated the new PS3 or even the Xbox 360, but in the end the interactive game console won out.

Why the Wii? I almost didn’t go this route simply due to the fact that the Wii doesn’t play DVD’s.  Neva, my wife, and I have had several conversations about turning the TV off in the evenings and spending time together as a family.  The goal was to unplug from mindless TV watching and do something interactive and fun as a family on a regular basis.  The plan is once homework and dinner are done we head down to the basement and have a little friendly family competition on Wii Sports and Wii Play.  Let’s not forget Guitar Hero!

So we broke it in over Labor Day weekend and had a blast.  Christian and I had a blast laughing at Neva (who is a worship leader at our church and well versed in singing, guitar, and piano) as she couldn’t figure out the timing of the guitar on Guitar Hero and was the cause for several failed songs.  Christian also edged her out in bowling by 2 points but he couldn’t stand the likes of me.  Although, he owned both of us at Tennis. 

A great weekend with great memories and promises of many more family nights to come!  I want to be careful to not over-spiritualize buying a video game unit, but I don’t want  to under-estimate the value of spending quality time as a family laughing and playing together either.

3 thoughts on “Wii joined the "cult"

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