So you know things are bad when your boss is the one that asks you to post the top 10 reasons you hate working.  I hope everyone enjoys the humor in this.  Thanks for the idea Debb!

  1. Every time you ask for a raise you get reminded that your treasures are in Heaven.  If they paid more now we’d get less in Heaven…I’m beginning to think Heaven is going to be good enough as it is.
  2. You are guaranteed to spend the majority of your day in meetings.
  3. When you complain about too many meetings, you are invited to a meeting to discuss ways to reduce the numbers of meetings you are in.
  4. After so many meetings you can’t find time to get the work done that was discussed in all of those meetings.  The solution, have more meetings to discuss how you can get more done with less time to do things.
  5. What do I care?  Greg’s already fired me 7 times in 2009 anyway!
  6. #1 Favorite quote from superiors, “We realize that we are asking you to do twice as much as we told you we needed you to do when you were hired… No, we can’t hire additional staff to help you with that… No, there aren’t additional resources to get those things done…Yes, you have to get it all done in the same amount of time…I’m sorry,  I don’t understand what the problem is.”
  7. #2 Favorite quote from superiors, “Where are you going this evening?  I didn’t know you’d already worked 16 hours today?”
  8. Did I mention that I probably get asked into another meeting for posting this blog.  I anticipate being fired for the 8th time in 2009.
  9. Time stood still when I was in grade school waiting for the final bell to ring.  At Dare 2 Share, the clock actually moves backwards.
  10. All of your great ideas are credited to Zane.   Why do you deserve the credit anyway?  No one’s ever heard 8,000 teens scream for you when you walked into an arena.  I’m sorry, what was your name again anyway?


7 thoughts on “Top 10 reasons I hate working at Dare 2 Share

  1. Jason, can I meet you in the office. I have an “orange slip” for you. Pink just sounds too weird. But first let’s have a meeting!

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