This was inspired by a similar blog post by Greg Stier.

  1. Everyday when I go to work at Dare 2 Share I know that what I do will have an impact on eternity.  I work for Jesus and not for man!
  2. The people I work with are not just great co-workers and we’re not just on the “same team.”  We’re family!
  3. Greg is bound to do or say something completely random that will make us laugh AT LEAST once a day.
  4. What we are doing is making a difference.  More and more teenagers are trainined to share their faith and peer-to-peer evangelism on Middle School and High School campuses is happening.
  5. When I travel for Dare 2 Share I meet Youth Leaders who are just as passionate about reaching teens as we are.
  6. My boss Debb doesn’t just care about me but is personally invested in me.
  7. I am challenged and convicted to keep personal evangelism a priority in my own life.
  8. My team of Ministry Advocates cares for the Youth Leaders they work with & for the teens in those Youth Leaders’ ministries AND they get better at what they do everyday.
  9. We have chapel every Wednesday for an hour.  How cool is it that we get to pray, worship, and learn together as a ministry?!?!?
  10. Two things I have fun doing, Math and Ministry, collide to make my job exciting.  (When my wife Neva worked here she had nicknamed me “Rainman,” and even though she is at home with our two boys Christian & Brayden the nickname has stuck.)

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