I sometimes look for opportunities to share my faith.  It’s something I know I should do, and I enjoy having those conversations and presenting the Gospel, but I certainly don’t do it as often as I should.  I am frequently convicted working at Dare 2 Share just by the nature of what we do.  That conviction amps up most weeks on Wednesday when we have staff chapel and Greg challenges us to share our faith as we have opportunity.  All of those things considered, I am convicted the most by my 8-year-old son Christian when it comes to sharing my faith.

Christian started the 3rd grade last Wednesday at Aurora Quest Academy.  It is his first year not going to a Christian school (3 years of preschool at our church in Virginia and K-2 at Faith Christian Academy).  When he got accepted to Aurora Quest we explained to him some of the differences he might encounter at a public school.  Without hesitation he told my wife and, “It may not be a Christian school now, but when I’m done with it it will be!”  WOW!  How much pride as a father did I feel at that moment? 

So last Thursday, his second day of school, Christian came home and told us all about his day.  He shared that the class was playing a game and several of his new friends were getting upset that they were not winning.  He explained to them that they shouldn’t be ashamed of losing, everything is fine, because we are all winners!  The teacher chimed in and corrected Christian explaining that when they play games, there will be winners and losers.  “But we’re all winners in God’s eyes!” he proclaimed to his class.  The teacher gently informed Christian that they were not talking about God, but about the board game.  He quickly complied and finished playing the game.  As he explained to us what happened though, this is what he said, “Mom and dad, I knew I was right.  I was talking about God.  I didn’t want to argue with my teacher though, but we are all winners in God’s eyes!”

My son made me so proud again.  Not only did he make the preliminary statement that he was going to share Jesus with his school, but on the second day of classes he was already making bold statements about God.  I am also proud of him for respecting his teacher and not arguing with her.  It showed the relational side of his evangelistic effort.  His relentless is evident in the fact that he would make a public statement like that to his whole class and that he plans on looking for more opportunities to do the same.  While he complied with his teacher out of respect, it has not quenched his zealousness of the Gospel!

Please continue to pray for my little 8-year-old evangelist as he Shreds the Gnar on his campus!

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