Last week we touched on prayer, which as many of the responses indicated is a vital step in any aspect of ministry.  It plays a critical role in one’s worship of God, relationship with God, and should be the foundation of any evangelistic effort.  If you haven’t read the post on prayer, CLICK HERE and read it before going on.

As we challenge our teens to pray for their lost friends, we need to equip them to pursue those friends on a spiritual level.  Simply, bring God up in conversation.  It doesn’t sound that difficult, but we don’t do it near enough.

Think about it…when people meet me for the first time they are going to learn a few basics: I love my wife and sons, I love Starbucks, while I like the Denver Nuggets I am a hometown fan of the Redskins, Wizards, and Orioles (sorry Nationals – I was raised on Cal Ripken Jr baseball).  Let’s not forgot the critical college sports: Nebraska football and North Carolina basketball.  Even more than all of these things, I love God.  Why in the world wouldn’t I bring that up in causual conversation? 

Hear me on this.  I am not implying that our teens need to present the Gospel in every conversation (but certainly don’t pass up the opportunity if it’s given).  But as a believer in Jesus Christ, why wouldn’t we constantly be relationally and relentlessly seeking out our friends beliefs, sharing our beliefs, and having conversations about those things?

If we are going to talk to God about our lost friends, let’s talk to our lost friends about God.  No pressure, just talk.


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