So every since I posted the D&W Idea of the week about memorizing a verse a month I have been convicted to memorized God’s Word myself.  I still advocate that our teens need to memorize scripture as it is my perception that this is a fading discipline in the church.  That being said, I need to memorize scripture as well for my personal spiritual benefit as well as owning my responsibility and setting the pace for teens that I influence in my small group and the Youth Ministry at Northern Hills.

All of that to say, you should notice a new feature in the upper right hand corner of the Deep & Wide blog page entitled, “MEMORY VERSE FOR JUNE.”  Each month I will provide a new memory verse and invite you to join me in memorizing that verse.

This month’s verse is Ezekiel 33:7, “Now, son of man, I am making you a watchman for the people of Israel. Therefore, listen to what I say and warn them for me.”  It was inspired by today’s Dare 2 Share chapel that Greg share with our staff. 

Beyond memorizing this scripture, my prayer is that I will heed the words of James and apply this to my life as well (James 1:22).

3 thoughts on “Follow-up Post to a verse a month…

  1. I agree, memorization is an important discipline. I am getting as many students through the book “Memorize This” as I can. It goes through the basics of the Christian faith and helps them memorize verses that go along with that.

    I love the verse a month idea. I will be thinking about how to do that with my youth.

  2. I’m with you John. It’s important and I love that you are going to incorporate it into your youth ministry!

  3. Love the idea so I’ve got our summer staff (teen & college students) doing a “verse of the week” since they are here for only summer weeks.

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