So I am here at the Orchard with my high school small group.  I’ve tapped into their free wi-fi so I am actually going to post live updates as my teens are out having spiritual conversations and sharing the Gospel.  We have 6 of our normal crew of 10 teens out tonight but they are super pumped.  Andrea, one of my rising evangelists, is really finding a groove on Tuesday nights.

When we started a few months ago she was the most nervous, not even sure how to share her faith.  As she has engaged people in conversations she has realized this can be exciting and quite the thrill.  Tonight, she actually brought a friend with her and let me know that he is shy and quiet but she is going to coach him along the way tonight and get him to the place where he’ll step up and have conversations tonight.  Her goal with him is simply to get him talking…kinda reminds me of where she started a few months ago.

So the plan for tonight: 2 groups of 3 teens, armed with a few copies of Greg’s book Venti Jesus Please. 

  • 7:32pm Andrea’s group just came back and got done talking to a boyfriend/girlfriend couple.  The girlfriend is a Christian but the boyfriend is not.  They chatted for a few and gave them a copy of VJP to read together in hopes that the book would be a tool for the girlfriend to talk to her boyfriend.
  • 7:37pm Marissa’s group went up to a group of 5 teens waiting for a movie and got shut down right out of the gates.  It happens like that sometimes, where people don’t even want to start the conversation.  We earn our stripes and keep on going.
  • 7:45pm Just saw the boyfriend/girlfriend couple walk by.  The boyfriend had the VJP book in his hand meaning it didn’t hit the trash…there’s still hope!  🙂
  • 7:57pm 2 of my younger guys just came up to concerned because the older teens have engaged in a spiritual conversation with 6 pretty intimidating characters.  How did I respond?  Gave them a few extra Venti Jesus Please books and told them to offer each of them a book and see if they could jump into the conversation with them.
  • 8:04pm Andrea’s and Marissa’s group came back and told me about the encouter with the 6 teens…3 Catholics, 2 church goers, and 1 girls who would only volunteer that God is awesome (but wouldn’t answer who God is).  They gave out 4 VJP’s and hopefully “Cole” will come to church on Sunday.
  • 8:10pm just saw the “intimidating kids” reading Venti Jesus Please to each other.  They are leaving the Orchard with books in hand.  God use that book to speak to their heart!

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