This week’s idea for going “Wide” in your ministry.

I think there is a misperception about sharing our faith with people who don’t know Christ.  Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves when it comes to evangelism?  Trust me, I get that it’s important.  But where did the notion come from that if we don’t clearly share the Gospel and lead my friend to Christ then we have failed?  Our call by God is to share the Gospel and trust the Holy Spirit at that point to do His work in that person’s life.  Regardless of anyone’s response, we have been successful by being obedient and sharing the Gospel. 

So, this week’s idea (which is more of a challenge), take your teens outside the four walls of your church building and engage people in conversations.  Go to a mall, a public hang-out, a park, wherever – and simply introduce yourself and engage people in a conversation with the goal of bringing God and Jesus up.  You might be surprised how willing people are to talk to you.  Beyond that, you might be surprised at how many people will discuss God if you approach them in a loving and relational way.


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