Several weeks ago I was driving my son to school.  His class was participating in a reading contest (which they incidentally won) so he was using our 30 minute commute time to get ahead in the competition.  As he was thumbing through the pages of his Bible he found his favorite story, the Christmas story, and began to read.

After almost an entirely silent trip my son erupts in the backseat, “My Bible’s wrong daddy!”

I take a minute to catch my breath, slow my heart rate down after being scared to death by his outburst, and ask him what he meant.

“My Bible is wrong daddy.  It has a different version of the Christmas story that’s not right.”

Having no context for what he was saying, I simply responded, “Go ahead and read to me what is wrong in your Bible.”

He began to read what he thought was written in Matthew 1:24.  “When Joseph woke up, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded and took Mary AND his wife…Daddy that’s wrong.  Mary was Joseph’ss wife.  He wasn’t dating Mary and have a different wife.”

I burst out loud at my sons mis-read and pondered if this is how Mormon’s may have misinterpretted polygomy from the Bible, but I digress.

After having him read it  a second time, he caught his mistake and his soul was put to ease.  The Bible wasn’t wrong after all.  🙂 

But the story isn’t over just yet.  He went on to read the next verse in the story: “But he did not have… s-e-x-u-a-l (insert his pause and my prayers here) relations with her until her son was born.  Hmmmmm.” 

“Oh please God, not yet.  The boy’s only 8,” went my prayer.

“Thanks for the help dad.  Now it makes sense.”

Whew!  Dodged a bullet with that one.  So whether it was my son’s mis-read, how close I came to having the sex talk with my son, or both, I hope that this has made you smile.

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