This week’s idea for going “Deep” in your Youth Ministry:

I love using curriculum when teaching my high school small (we just got done with Gospel Journey Maui).  Assuming that it’s theologically sound and allows you to discuss with your teens scripture and biblical truth like GJM, then it’s all good.  I have found an additional benefit to using curriculum is that it typically takes less prep time so it allows me to tend to other priorities in my ministry (and I know we all have seasons of ministry where we feel like we don’t quite have the time we’d like).  There are times where I find it necessary to take my kids deeper into God’s Word.

When I want to take my kids deeper, there’s nothing better than simply discussing a chapter of a book in the Bible each week.  A good friend of mine and co-laborer in Youth Ministry, Sam Holmes, is just now wrapping up the book of Romans with his small group.  Yes, I said Romans.  Jam packed with rich theology and deep truths, Sam and his teens have jumped in head first into this amazing book of the Bible and are unpacking and discussing it each week.  They have a deeper understanding of Christianity and their own faith as a result.

As I get ready for next fall when the school year kicks off I am thinking of diving into the book of Acts with my teens and exploring with them what the 1st century church was all about.  I want them to see and experience what it was like immediate following Christ’s resurrection when the first believers responded to the grace of God and what they were compelled to do with a new purpose and mission in life.  As we navigate through Acts, I will be teaching using the ALT-ernative teaching style from Dare 2 Share.  It allows the teens to ask questions, share ideas, and then dive deep into God’s Word.

For those of you who are already implementing this practice into your ministry setting, how is it going?  What have you studied?  How have your kids responded to reading a chapter a week?

For those of you who are doing something different with your teens to disciple them and get them growing deeper in God’s Word, share what your doing.  We’d love to hear other ideas here at Deep & Wide Youth Ministry!

2 thoughts on “D&W: a Chapter a Week

  1. Jason,
    I realize that you posted this a few weeks back, but I was wondering how it is going. How do you keep your group engaged going through chapters and books of the Bible?

  2. Also, one very basic and “un-creative” thing I am doing to push students deeper is to prepare weekly personal Bible Study Guides for students to use. It takes them through passages inductively (observe, interpret, apply) that deal with what we are studying in Sunday School. I don’t give “answers” but come up with questions to guide their study. I use Microsoft Publisher to create them.

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