I am so blown away by my teens tonight!

I had told them about a month ago that we would begin going out to different hang-out spots to start spiritual conversations and share our faith.  So tonight was the night that we would get after it.  When I told the kids they were stoked!  Then after the euphoria wore off, a few of them had moments of holy crap, what are we gonna say?  Before we left we reviewed the GOSPEL acronym they learned at the Dare 2 Share conference to get it fresh in everyone’s mind.    Then we headed to the Orchard (a local shopping mall).

I broke the 10 teens into 3 teams making sure there was at least 1 strong evangelist in each group, prayed for them, and then we set out.  Here are a few observations about what happened:

  1. Each group engaged in at least 3 spiritual conversations with an individual or a group of people (teens and adults alike).
  2. To open the conversation they would tell these strangers (a few kids got to share with people they knew from school) they were hanging out with their Bible study group and wanted to ask a few questions.
  3. None of the groups got shut down.  Everyone they approached was willing to share, talk, and listen.  It was amazing!
  4. We had conversations with a variety of different people: a 30 something agnostic man, an 18 year old Zehn Buddhist, a couple of Catholic high schoolers, a few families, a few teens who hadn’t quite figured out what they believed, and a few believers as well.
  5. In some instances, because authentic conversations and relationships were started, cell #s were exchanged and promises to continue the conversations were made.
  6. My teens walked away impressed with themselves because they realized how easy it was to have spiritual conversations and share their faith.
  7. No one was led to Christ tonight, and I’m honestly not too surprised by that.  However, after tonight’s experience these teens are poised and ready to share their faith with their friends at school.

I’m stoked right now.  God literally filled my heart with joy watching these teens share their faith and seeing the difference that they could make and what they are capable of.

I can’t wait to do it again…I can’t wait to hear the stories of how they shared their faith with their friends in school later this week…I can’t wait to see what God will continue to do with the rest of their lives…

2 thoughts on “HS Small Group 4/21/09

  1. What a great exercise, one that can help them realize that having spiritual conversations wherever and whenever really can be a lifestyle! Thanks for teaching these students, Jason! 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had awesome night with your group. I look forward to reading more about your adventures with them as you all share your faith to your community.

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