It was so good to be back with my high school small group this week.  One week we were off due to Spring Break and last week I was out of town for Dare 2 Share as Greg was speaking at Jeanne Mayo’s Epicenter event in Dallas.  I have missed my kids and it was great to get together with them tonight.  We wrapped up Gospel Journey Maui a few weeks ago and are now looking ahead to something new.  To kick things off tonight we watched clips for the new Blaze Promo DVD.  After that, I had a few ideas I was going to lay on them, but as God would have it they actually had a better idea. 

One of my 12th grade girls actually led a night of our Gospel Journey Maui study and the teens loved it.  She loved it.  I loved it.  What I learned tonight is that just about all of them want the opportunity to teach a night of study before the school year is over.  As we discussed this possibility, it also came up that not everyone in our group feels super tight with each other.  So, I combined the ideas and paired everyone up with someone they may not have opportunity to spend much time with during the week and it will be their responsibility to lead the group’s discussion for the week.  Here are some of the guidelines that we agreed upon:

  1. The pairs are made up of 1 guy and 1 girl.
  2. They will check in with me at least twice the week they lead to go over their lesson.
  3. Our small group is driven by discussion, so they must use the ALT-ernative teaching style.
  4. Each member of the teaching pair must present the GOSPEL during group.
  5. Every point they make or that is discussed needs to be supported by scripture.

Here’s the cool thing – none of the balked at the assignment or guidelines.  They embraced them.  In addition to that, they are looking forward to the weeks that I throw them a curve ball and we cancel study and go to the mall or an afterschool hang out to share their faith with their friends.  They are actually looking forward to all of these opportunities.  All I can say is that God is amazing and is doing something special through this group of teens.  I can’t wait to share what happens over the next several weeks as these teens continue to relationally and relentlessly share the Gospel with their peers and dive deeper into their relationship with Jesus…

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