I was watching the movie, Saving Private Ryan, late last night as I was falling to sleep.  I was stoked to watch it as this movie falls into a special movie category I have proclaimed as EPIC!  The movie was everything I remembered it being until the closing moments of the film at which point in time I was jolted out of my half sleep.  Tom Hanks, who was unbelieveable in this flick, makes the following climatic statment: “Earn this!” 

As the movie returns to modern day and you see Matt Damon’s character hovering of this character’s tombstone, he is pondering his life and asking the question, “Have I earned this?”  What a crappy way to live your life!  I get the sacrifice that was made in order to save Private Ryan’s life, but how depressing would it be to live your life in the shadow of a question like that.

My thoughts immediately raced to the cross of Christ and how He has never said, “Earn this!”  Rather He has said, “Here’s this!”  While I want to live a life that honors Christ and is in obedient to His commands, the moment my motivation becomes earning His gift of salvation I foresake the free gift of grace that He has offered. 

I still think Saving Private Ryan is an EPIC film and I certainly don’t rely on Hollywood to provide the foundation of my theology and worldview.  However, it made me think and ponder how great our God is and how vast His love for us will always be!

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