So last Wednesday as our Dare 2 Share team was checking in online for our Thursday morning flight we realized that due an incoming blizzard the flight had been cancelled.  Thank God we found out early enough and were able to make alternative travel plans.  Our fast acting staff (thanks Toyja and Teri) got a 15 passenger van rented for us at the last minute.  I headed home to pack quickly, picked up the van at the airport, and was back to the office.  11 of us piled in for the road trip through Hades, I mean through Kansas and arrived in St Louis, MO 14 hours later. 

The Invincible conference in St Louis was amazing as 8,500 teens were trained and equipped to share their faith.  The were unleashed on Saturday afternoon to take it to the streets collecting canned food and sharing the Gospel with people that they met.  We packed up Saturday night and caught our early flight back to Denver on Sunday morning.

I am now sitting in DIA as Greg Stier and I are headed to Dallas, TX.  Greg is speaking at Epicenter and I am hosting the D2S booth for the week.  Everything was going well last night – got packed, plenty of rest, the forecasted snow was supposed to avoid the entire metro area…Well, not so much.  Our 8:15am flight was cancelled and again, thanks to a fast acting D2S team (thanks Stacey and Neva) we grabbed the last two seats on a 12:19pm flight (now delayed 15 minutes) to get to Dallas.  We have 3 hours to kill before take-off, praying that wait doesn’t grow in to 4 hours or more.

It’s these fun little excursions that make me realized how much I loved working at D2S, especially the people!  We have each others backs and can endure 14 hour road trips in a 15 passenager van…good times!


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