This is stating the obvious, but as many of you know I am a huge fan of Deep & Wide Youth Ministry.  That’s why I blog about it so much, train on it, discuss with Youth Leaders through email and phone calls…it’s in my DNA.  That being said, as much as I love to explain the concept and strategy and introduce Youth Leaders to this philosophy, I have my limitations (I know, stating the obvious again 🙂 ).  While I have the opportunity to lead a small group for our Youth Ministry at Northern Hills, I am not at the helm of the ministry itself.

That being said, I am looking to grow the online community of Youth Leaders who are implementing Deep & Wide Youth Ministry.  Starting in May (a little over a month away) I want to feature guest bloggers through this site that are actually doing D&W Youth Ministry.  If you would like to contribute, leave me a comment below and I will gladly follow-up with you.  I am looking for Youth Leaders who are willing to blog once a month.  Topics of these blogs may vary, but the goal is for you to share your successes, failures, ideas, and things you are trying as they relate to “doing” D&W Youth Ministry.

I have a few Youth Leaders on board, but my goal is to grow this into an ongoing and growing community of Youth Leaders, not just a select few.  Let’s connect and I can share more of the details. 


5 thoughts on “D&W: Building an online community of Youth Leaders

  1. I am implementing the Deep and Wide Strategy and would love to share the successes and failures that I am experiencing as a Deep and Wide Youth Ministry Pastor.

  2. Jason, we met at NYMC, (I’m the British guy). I blog over at youthworktalk.com – I blog a couple of times a week, nothing huge.

    I am in a church plant situation where I have had to start from ground up and it has been challenging to implement deep n wide out of the gate. However, just over two years into it, we are seeing some great things happen. Not sure we have the X factor, but God is doing some great things.

    I’m up for it.


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