Well, we aren’t entirely finished with the Gospel Journey Maui as we are extending our conversation into next week, but we did watch the final episode tonight as we viewed and discussed, “What was Jesus’ message?”  We had 17 teens tonight including a few visitors and the discussion we did squeeze in was great.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this group and the way we have grown together.  My perception at this point is that Gospel Journey Maui will serve as an incredible foundation as we continue on this journey together and discuss other questions and topics.   When I think back over the past several weeks, it is amazing to see what God has done.  You can follow the journey by checking out my previous “HS Small Group” posts.

The big question I have to wrestle through now is what’s next for our group.  I’m considering a few different options and would love any feedback or thoughts on what next:

  1. Study through a book of the Bible.  My goal with this wouldn’t be to read it and lecture the teens as to what the text means, but rather have a discussion about what we’re reading and learn together.
  2. Find another curriculum to go through.  Dare 2 Share has other options to consider but I am open to whatever other curriculum are out there.  Any ideas?
  3. Have the teens in our group write down a few questions they have about God, religion, life, etc. (nothings off limits) and spend the next several months answering their questions.

In addition to these three, if you have other ideas please share.  I want to be intentional as the group continues to grow but I also want to make sure I make a well thought through decision.

Thanks for the input!


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