As we talk with Youth Leaders all over the country about Dare 2 Share’s Deep & Wide Youth Ministry this is one of the first conversations that comes up, so I figured it only made sense that this would be the topic of my first D&W posts that deals with answering questions about Deep & Wide Youth Ministry.

Sometimes D&W is viewed as a new model or gimick in Youth Ministry, but that’s really not an accurate assessment.  When I think of a model in Youth Ministry, the first that comes to mind is PDYM.  Presonally, I love it and even used it when I was a full-time Youth Pastor.  A model like PDYM sets up the framework of your ministry.  It’s the type of “Car” that you drive.  So how is D&W different?

If PDYM or whatever model of Youth Ministry you prefer is the style of car that you drive, think of Deep & Wide Youth Ministry as the fuel you use to power your car and make it go.  I actually like to describe the D&W philosophy as the DNA of your Youth Ministry.  It can look like anything you want it to.  Regardless of what your Youth Ministry looks like, Deep & Wide rises to the surface of anything you do it. It is the core of your Youth Ministry soul.  Literally, no matter what you do in your ministry, you will always see discipleship and evangelism in everything that you do.

The bottom line is that the Deep & Wide Youth Ministry philosophy can be applied and implemented into any and every Youth Ministry model.  Build your ministry to look like anything you want it to look like, but give it a heart transplant with D&W.  If you are struggling with how to make it the DNA of your Youth Ministry, contact me.  I love: connecting with Youth Leaders, finding out what your Youth Ministry already looks like, and brainstorming ways to download it into what model your are using.

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