It was nice to have the day off and relax before heading to HS Small Group tonight.  It was even nicer not having to prepare for the lesson tonight as Marissa, one of my seniors, was leading our discussion. 

This episode of Gospel Journey MAUI was great as it posed an amazing question.  It may even be the most demanding question that is asked of anyone: Who is Jesus?  Makes you stop and think, doesn’t it?  Our group had a great discussion around this questions and answers were similar, but also varied a little, always pointing back to the same Jesus.  He is salvation, our savior, truth, love, forgiveness, grace & mercy, our comfort, fully God and fully man, the Trinity, Son of God, God, and the list goes on and on!  It was amazing.

The teenagers in the episode didn’t have quite as smooth a ride as we did.  The tension builds and the opinions are so much more diverse as this one question does not offer any room for compromise or gray area.  Jesus is either Lord, liar, or lunatic.  Take your pick and your stance, but that’s it.  I believe it was C. S. Lewis who offered the most blunt statement about the whole deal (to paraphrase): don’t insult Him by saying He could have been just a good and moral teacher or prophet.  He never claimed to be that so don’t assume that He was.  He either was who He said He was: God, or He was out of His stinking mind!  Those are the only options He leaves.  We can’t make something up on His behalf.

So, who do you say that He is?

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