I don’t think I realized how much I truly missed small group last week until I got to hang out with the kids again tonight.  I love this group of teens and the potential that is in the room.  Tonights episode of Gospel Journey MAUI: What Happens After You Die? delivered incredible discussion and some gut checks around the room.

I always love when we have visitors and teens who have never heard the Gospel before, but tonight the 11 teens in the room all have a relationship with Jesus Christ, which allowed the conversation to go in a slightly different direction.  As we discussed the truths of Heaven and Hell and the reality of each, the teens started getting the big picture that they stand in the gap of their friends and an eternity in Heaven.  It was amazing to see the light bulbs go off!

A few cool teen testimonies that came out of tonight as well:

  1. Next week, Marissa, on of my senior girls, is going to be leading the Bible study and discussion around Episode 8: Who is Jesus?  I told her I would be there only to assist her and sent her home with the DVD and the Leader’s Guide.  My prayer is that I can mentor and disciple who so she can lead a small group next fall when she starts college.
  2. Matt, Marissa’s boyfriend, accepted Christ back in early January and asked me to baptize him!  I am out of town this Sunday at GROUP’s NYMC but the following Sunday, March 8th, is going to be Matt’s public celebration of the decision he has made to follow Christ.

I’m telling you, I love what I get to do with these teens!


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