Confession: I am way behind in my reading, about 3 weeks, but I am beginning to sneak opportunities hear and there to catch up. 

I have finally finished reading Exodus and as I have been doing so, I am constantly asking God to allow me to read it with new and fresh eyes.  A question that I have asked for as long as I can remember reading the Bible has finally been answered.  I have always asked, “Why does the Bible seem to repeat itself and come off as redundant?”  In one passage (especially throughout Exodus) I read God giving detailed instructions to Moses.  In the next passage you see Moses repeat, verbatum, what God told him as he share it with the Israelites.  And yet again you read, in the same great detail, the Israelites doing what they have been commanded by God to do.

I think this question is the result of how bored I used to get reading the Bible and feeling like I was reading the exact same thing chapter after chapter.  But now I am seeing this with a fresh perspective.  The Holy Spirit has been revealing to me over the last few weeks the reason that we read the same stuff over and over again.  It has come to be my conclusion that the reason we see this take place is to see how obedient Moses and the Israelites were to God’s instructions.  God said it, Moses repeated it, the Israelites did it.  Sure, it would take less time to read if we only had to read the detail once, when God made His proclamations and then is the subsequent passages it simply said, “Moses told the Israelites exactly what God had commanded,” and then you would read, “The Israelites did exactly as Moses had told them from the Word God had given him.”  But if that’s how the text read, we would miss out on the details.  God demanded (and still demands) perfection.  No compromise.  And even though they didn’t always get it right, we can see how often they did.  On the contrary, we also see when they totally miss the mark because so much detail has been communicated to us through scripture we can see when they totally miss it.

So what?  Well, it has allowed me to read these “boring” passages of scripture with a new excitement.  I find value in passages that I thought were excessive (stupid – I know).  It is also helping me see how obedient the Israelites could be and how they did strive to meet the standard of perfection.  It’s actually quite inspiring to read!

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