I know. Those two words together seem almost an oxy moron, but it’s true. I spent my entire day in two uniquely different meetings but were both amazing experiences and opportunities.

My first meeting was an all-day Leadership Retreat at work – Dare 2 Share. I love our Leadership Retreats because they are great opportunities to step out of the trees and take a panoramic view of the forest. The two big high lights for me today were discussing Strengths Finder 2.0 and looking ahead to our next fiscal year (July 09 – June 10). It was an awesome experience as a team to look at how God has wired and gifted us. From there we are able to see as a team where we have strengths and how to maximize our potential at Dare 2 Share. Considering the rough times the economy is bringing it was perfect timing to wade through it all. Looking ahead to FY10 was exciting as it shed some light on where we are headed as a ministry and we got to discuss some big picture ideas. I love taking looks ahead as a ministry and then helping determine how we are going to get there.

Meeting number two was a first time experience for me. At our church, Northern Hills, we have a Teaching Team that shares the responsibility of teaching & preaching. The main pastors carry the majority of that load, but there are a few more of us that have the opportunity to preach once every few months. Tonight was a planning meeting for our upcoming series on Psalms. It was my first time being a part of the bigger picture strategy of helping prepare and speak into the entire series. As exciting as it was to be a part of this meeting, I am more excited to dive into the series later this spring!

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