As I have settled into Exodus and progressing into the later chapters I am seeing theme that is overwhelmingly evident: God is holy! In fact, God is so holy He mandates incredible lengths that man must complete in order to come into His presence. Well beyond what the average Joe, or more appropriately, the average Jew, must do to enter into God’s presence, so much more was required of the priests. As I look at what was expected of Aaron and his sons as the first priests over the Jewish people, I am amazed at what was required of them. God was incredibly detailed when describing what they should wear, the types of offering they should make, the dimensions and constructions of the tabernacle and the altars that offerings would be made on, when offerings should be made, etc. He left no detail unattended to. God is amazing in how detailed He is.

What I find truly amazing, is that through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ, God provided the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enter into His presence without the rituals and requirements of the OT. I get that Jesus death and resurrection is greater than any requirements laid out by God in the OT, but from a human perspective and way of thinking what was expected in the OT seems overwhelming. So having that context helps me understand even more how great the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for me on the cross.

God, thank You that You have made way to you!

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