I’ll be honest, as I was getting ready for tonight’s episode of Gospel Journey MAUI I didn’t know how it would play out.  Religion vs. Relationship!  For me, it’s pretty simple and the logic behind it makes for an open and shut case.  Not so much for our teenagers.  They went off and really wrestled through the subject tonight.  I didn’t have to prompt our conversations hardly at all tonight.

We had great discussions regarding how the idea of working your way to heaven (religion) vs. receiving it as a free gift from God (relationship) is simple enough that a child can understand it but so complex that a grown person can go to their grave wrestling with the question.  I could see the light bulbs go off for kids to night as we waded through this conversation tonight.

Big picture, stepping back and looking at the first half of this series, it has been extremely encouraging how much these teenagers are becoming grounded in their faith.  So many of them are having spiritual a-ha’s as they arrive at answers to questions they have been wondering about for a long time but never had help getting the answers they needed.  As we get into God’s Word they are finding some of these answers on their own.  They want the answers so desperately and it’s great to see them find what they are looking for in God.

As I concluded with the GOSPEL tonight and explaining to the teens how they could find that relationship in Jesus Christ as their only hope of salvation, Dan, one of the teens who just attended our high school ski weekend and had been having discussions about Jesus, put his faith and trust in Him tonight.  God is so good!

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