I love Gospel Journey MAUI!  This study continues to blow me away at the depth of content covered equalled by the level of involvement and conversation with my teens.  I have been looking forward to this particular session since we started 3 weeks ago.  Episode 4 tackled the question, “Why are there so many relgions in the world and can they all be right?” 

I have been excited about this week simply because during week 1 of this series I had several kids agree that because our beliefs were our opinions we really couldn’t disprove what somebody believed, let alone prove that our answer was right compared to theirs.  Tonight the light bulbs went off for several of the teens and the realizations that all religions don’t believe in the same God, if Jesus claimed to be God and the only way to the Father then He must have been LORD liar or lunatic, all religions can’t be right, we can be confident in our belief in Jesus Christ, and the list of a-ha’s goes on and on. 

I’ll confess, we didn’t even get through 2/3 of the content tonight in 80 minutes (we started 10 minutes late – otherwise we could have gone 90 minutes easy and still run out of time) because the conversations were so good and more exciting then their contributions were the questions they asked.  I could really see and hear the kids seeking and searching for themselves as they wrestled with what they believed – and all the time coming back to scripture for the answers! 

I also began to hear from the teens tonight that they have been able to speak into these conversations when they come up at school with confidence – certainly more than they had before we began.  Instead of avoiding this conversations because of their own uncertainty they are able to embrace these conversations and stand for what they beleive in.  It is incredible to hear them talking about these things.

This study has impacted this small group of teenagers greater than any curriculum I have ever used before.  I think the main reason is that it allows them to grow and learn in their faith on their own a little bit but always directs them back to scripture for the answers.  Tonight was amazing!  I cannot wait to see how we progress through the rest of the Gospel Journey MAUI.

One thought on “HS Small Group 01/27/09

  1. It’s awesome to read each week how God is moving through your small group. Keep Matthew House in our prayer. We’re almost done with GJM, but as of lately things have become stagnant among the group.

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