Tonight was the best night we have had as we have gone through the Gospel Journey MAUI.  We watched and discussed episode #3, which was a continuation of the question: “What is the purpose of life?”  There were several reasons that tonight was incredible:

  1. Matt, who has been attending small group for a few months with his girlfriend Marissa, accepted Christ tonight!
  2. The discussion gets better and better every week and I am often surprised by the teenagers who are opening up and sharing.
  3. I bought the teens bright colored (matching the GJM colors) composition notebooks for them to begin journaling in.  Tonight, their first entry was journaling their thoughts on the purpose of life.
  4. We continue to see new faces every week.  Our kids are inviting new friends to small group.

As you can see, we have a lot to celebrate.  Gospel Journey MAUI has been a great resource for our group as we wrestle through life’s BIG questions.  I love how God continues to show up and do His thing!

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