This week we “dove” into the second session of Gospel Journey MAUI, “What is the purpose of life?”  This is a huge question for anyone to answer, so I was extremely eager to see what answers the teenagers would offer.  I opened by asking the 10 teenagers: “If you won Powerball this week, $146 million, what would you do with that money?”  After fielding their answers we hit PLAY on the DVD player.

After watching episode 2 the discussion went very well.  It was an exciting ride to see how the kids wrestled through how to achieve satsifaction and purpose in life.  I was intrigued by one question in particular: Is everyone’s purpose in life the same?  We had some kids who said yes, while the majority of the teens said that purpose in life was different for everyone.  It was cool to watch them go back and forth and finally understand that while our purpose in life is the same for everyone – to glorify God – our lives can still look unique and different. 

The other “ah-ha” moment tonight was paying attention to 1 Corinthians 10:31.  The teens realized that while reading their Bibles, praying, sharing our faith, living a life that reflects what we believe all glorify God but that scripture clearly tells us that whatever we do, even eating and drinking, do it all to glorify God.  I had one teen who is only a few months old in his faith tell me that he is now going to say, “to the glory of God!” every time he takes a bite of food.  You know what I say to that…go for it.  It’s a young understanding of scripture, but I love his boldness and willing to take what he reads in the Bible seriously.

I love how God works in the lives of teenagers and how He is using the Gospel Journey MAUI reality series to reach them.  I cannot wait for next week as we conclude “What is the purpose of life” with episode 3.

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