We kicked off the 2009 year with our small group ministry in 2 big ways this week:

  1. The group reached the size & capacity this past fall where we felt confident splitting the group.  Sam has kept a Monday night group at his house and I have taken the small group “plant” and started a Tuesday night group tonight.
  2. To help keep momentum going now that the groups are half this size they were, we began the Gospel Journey MAUI DVD-curriculum from Dare 2 Share!

We dove into our MAUI experience tonight in episode 1 of the curriculum which asks the question: “Is there a higher power?” which also led right into another BIG question in life, “How was all this created?”  It was a little slow going at first but the teens began to open up and share their thoughts and opinions about these questions and a variety of others related to this topic.

I was pleased with their willingness to respond and interact, but was a little burdened by a trend that was represented by most of the teens in the room – a reluctance for anyone to say that we can, in fact, know truth with any level of certainty.  These are not teens who don’t go to church or are living a life outside of a relationship with Jesus.  On the contrary, these are kids who know the Lord Jesus Christ, attend on a regular basis, and invite their friends with them.  Several of them felt that even in answering questions about creation vs. evolution or if is there a God or not that everyone can have an opinion but we can’t know with certainty.  At the core of this dilemna, the struggle concerning if there is absolute truth.

As we dialogued they began to see through scripture that we can know with confidence answers to these questions and more.  The good news in all of this: these teens are willing to wrestle with their faith and their doubts in a youth group setting and still seek out scripture as a source for answers.  To be honest, it was refreshing not to get the “Sunday School” and “Pat” answers to these questions we dealt with.  I feel like I can be a more effective Youth Leader having a realistic handle on where these kids are at and what they are going through.  The responsibility I now have is meeting these kids where they are at and helping them find answers to their questions.

Pray for me, Robbin, and Jake as we lead this group as well as the teens we have the opportunity to minister to: Steven, Andrea, Shawn, Brandon, Mason, Tyler, Stephanie, Riley, Marissa, Matt, Breanna, Michael, and the rest of the teens that will join us along this journey!

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