So I’m not really big on the whole New Year’s resolution but this year I’ve decided to take the concept seriously.  Some people are anti-resolution, some people set “goals,” others set resolution year after year and have never accomplished one…I’ll be honest, I don’t know that I care enough about the concept “resolution” to have a strong opinion.  At the very least, it’s the start of a new calendar year and I’m hoping to start a new habit and spiritual discipline along with it.

I have decided to read the Bible from cover to cover.  I know there are several different reading plans for tackling the Bible: chronilogically, New Testament first (Old Testament second), OT & NT simultaneously, alternate a book from each Testament, etc.  I’m going the simple route and have been challenged and inspired to do so by an Elder in our church, Northern Hills.  He simply told me that he likes to challenge people to read the Bible from start to finish, like a novel, in a translation that you have never read before.  So I took him up on it.

I actually started on December 31st because I’m excited to dive into God’s Word this year like I have never have before.  I have read the NT through a few times in the NIV and NLT.  I honestly don’t believe I have read the OT in its entirety.  So this is a first for me.  As far as the translation I have chosen, the NKJV.  This has surprised a few people that I have shared this with, so allow me to share a few thoughts behind why I chose it:

  1. Other than checking out a few verses, I have never read the NKJV.
  2. It is a very literal (word for word) translation, which is different than most translations I read (phrase for phrase).
  3. Because it is a higher reading level than other translations, it will force me to slow down and pay attention to what I’m reading.

What I’m really excited about is not just doing it this year, but a few years running so I can read a variety of translations.  But first things first.  I’m 3 days in and loving it.  I imagine I will blog about what I read from time to time, which will hopefully make for sosme good blogs.

Until next time, happy reading!

3 thoughts on “Reading the NKJV #1

  1. Jason, thanks for sharing your blogs with us. May God richly bless and use you as you serve Him. He has given you great writing skills.

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