Tonight brings the conclusion of my first 5-day weekend, with another to follow next weekend.  It’s amazing what can take place in 5 days and yet how short that time still felt.  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day obviously consumed the front end of this 5 day weekend.  Here are a few highlights…

Christmas Day:  We got up and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and gave Christian a piece of Jesus birthday cake before diving into the gifts.  It has become a Christmas tradition of sorts.  After plowing through the gifts and having a few phone conversations with family, we kicked back and relaxed to take it all in.  Christmas lunch was a fondue extravaganza!  We had cheese fondue along with chicken and steak.  Yummy!  After allowing the food to digest we headed to the movie theater and enjoyed Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler.  Classic Sandler in a fun and family friendly way.  Great movie!

The Next Few Days:  These, of course, included some of the typical shopping excursions.  We hit up Fatburgers in Aurora in the midst of all the retail stores.  I have proclaimed their burgers the best burgers I have ever had!  A little more shopping and then we crashed at home for the rest of the day.

Saturday:  We took another trip to the movies and watched Four Christmases.  I loved it, Neva didn’t.  What can I say?  However, before we headed to the theater Christmas was torn down in our home.  The only thing left, a few holly berries hanging on our wall that we all missed before the boxes were wrapped up and stored under the stair well.  I guess they’ll be there until next year.

Sunday:  Today was the last day of Christmas break.  We got up at 5 AM because we had to be at church early.  Neva led worship in our White Water venue and I was preaching in there today.  It was nice getting ready for the sermon this week as it was only 2o-25 minutes, compared to preaching 2 weeks ago when it was 45-50 minutes long.  Good times.  We did lunch with the Stiers at Red Robbin (another good hamburger) and then came home and crashed.  Nap time for everyone until 5 PM.

It’ll be hard going to sleep tonight, but we only have to survive 2 days of work back at the Dare 2 Share “ranch” before our 2nd 5-day weekend!  Tuesday night will be fun…once I get off work I’ll be headed to the church for our New Year’s Eve Eve (that’s right, the eve of New Year’s Eve) to deliver a devotion and Gospel presentation to the teenagers.  What a great way to bring in the New Year!

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