This year’s Christmas has been the best ever for a variety of fun and sincere reasons.

This year was going to be our first Christmas wiht absolutely no family whatsoever, and we weren’t too excited about that.  Last year Neva’s family came up from Phoenix.  The year before that we spent it with my older half-brother and his family.  The year before that we were with my parents in South Carolina.  You get the idea…family, family, family.

So being alone in the island I call Colorado with our closest family a 12-hour car ride away and in most cases, on the other side of the United States from us, it was going to be our first Christmas just the 3 of us (plus the 1 on the way). 🙂  We were okay with the idea early on but the closer it go to Christmas the sadder we all seemed to get.  God must have known how much we were missing family because this year He gave us an incredible Christmas gift:  incredibly special moments with people here in Colorado that have become like family to us!

Sunday, December 21st:  We attended the Best Christmas Ever Party with 80 other people at the Kelly’s house, successfully hosted by middle daughter Bethany, along with David Mercer.  It was an absolute blast as it was an ugly sweater party and Neva and I went in matching pink sweaters (mine did not fit).  It was a festive way to usher in the Christmas week with so many families & friends.  Good times!

Tuesday, December 23rd:  We went over to the Bresina’s house and had a Christmas pizza party with them and the Stiers which allowed Jeremy and Christian to have a few early gifts and spend some fun time together.  We were blessed to have that time with them as our families have gotten closer and closer over this past year.  It’s special for me to see Christian have such a close friend in Jeremy knowing that they will get to grow up together (being a military brat and moving around so much that wasn’t something I got to experience – so I am glad my son does).  Tuesday night was a special night for our family!

Wednesday, December 24th:  After a day of activities at the church we headed over to the Kelly’s for a festive Christmas Eve dinner.  In addition to the Kelly’s, our good friends the Holmes were there and Christian again got to exchange gifts with his good buddy, Preston.  Neva and I were taken aback by surprise gifts we got from both the Holmes’ and the Kelly’s.  The gifts were a wonderful surprise, but what Neva and I realized was how blessed we are by such wonderful friends that might as well be family.

Now you can see why this has been the Best Christmas Ever!  Even though we thought we would be without family this year, God blessed us with 4 families that have become so close to us, I can no longer say that we don’t have family in Colorado.  The truth is, we have an incredible family in Colorado that God orchestrated and master-minded before we ever got to Colorado, let alone before the beginning of time.  May your Christmas with your family, whatever that looks like, be as blessed as ours was!

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