Tonight was somewhat of a milestone in the life of our small group as we have maintained over 20 teens for about 6 consecutive weeks, ever since Dare 2 Share’s Invincible conference.  What was so momentous about this occasion?  It was the last night that our group would meet together as a single unit.  We have reached critical mass for my friend Sam’s living room in the mid-twenties.  So in a bitter-sweet move due to growth we are splitting the group and launching a second group on Tuesday nights. 

When we started the 2nd or 3rd week of September there were 13 teens.  We quickly shot up to the upper teens within the first month and by early November had over 20 teens a time or two.  Since D2S we have accumulated about 30 teens so as we launch in to two groups in the new year, each will have about 15 in them.  Part of the growth and momentum is due to the fact that we have seen 4 teens come to Christ over the past 3 months, 3 of them since the D2S conference!  I cannot wait to see what God will do in 2009 through these two groups.

Pray for both of our groups as we launch the new study, Gospel Journey MAUI in each of them.  I have no doubt that we will continue to see God change lives, stretch their faith, and more and more teens come to Christ not just through the Gospel being shared within our group, but by our teens on a daily basis.

Shred the Gnar!

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