It was so great to see the kids tonight since I missed last week.  I get to bump into them on Sunday mornings and hang out a little then, but Monday nights are where it’s at for me with them.  Tonight was our 2nd chill night, and rightly so since it was -1 degrees.  Once every 4-6 weeks it’s nice to give the kids the opportunity to hang out and just chat, watch football, play games, etc.  Considering the roads tonight because of the snow and ice, we sent the kids home at 8pm to avoid the coming snow and roads being extremely icy. 

It was nice to chill with the kids tonight as yesterday was a pretty intense and tiring day.  I was given another opportunity to teach at Northern Hills in our WhiteWater service.  I enjoy the chance to preach, but was a little intimidated yesterday because the sermon was 50 minutes, by design.  It was the intro to our Luke series, so not only were we laying the foundation to a new series, but we were also giving everyone a great deal of basic info about the New Testament and how different the culture was from where it is left off in Malachi in the OT.  Check out the new series here!

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