I had the opportunity to connect with friend and Youth Ministry hero Tim Schmoyer today as we are planning for a LIVE online discussion concerning Dare 2 Share’s Deep & Wide Youth Ministry.  The event is scheduled for Friday, January 23rd @ 2pm EST.  I want to encourage all of you to join in the discussion as anyone and everyone can call in or log 0nto the website and participate through the chat room.  It’s a pretty cool experience.  In fact, don’t wait until our Deep & Wide discussion to chime in and participate with Tim’s weekly LIVE Youth Ministry Conversations

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with Dare 2 Share’s Deep & Wide Youth Ministry take time to check it out.  Grab a cup of coffee, sit back in your favorite chair, and take a few minutes to read the Deep & Wide Paper.  If you have more than a few minutes, read the expanded paper.  It’s time we dove in and caught the wave of Youth Ministry that is transformational in our lives and in the lives of our teens.

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