Tonight was another sweet night as our group dove into a great spiritual question that stirred up a little controversy but even more than that, prompted the probing into additional questions that we will tackle in the weeks to come.   This week we asked the teens, “If someone lives their whole life doing bad things, and then on their death bed hear’s the Gospel and accepts Jesus, do they still get to go to heaven?”  We had opinions all over the board from yes to no and everything in between.  Typically, with the ALT-ernative teaching style, we try to avoid Yes/No questions because it can limit conversation but our group plowed through and asked additional questions about once saved, always saved, faith vs. works, if I have been raised in church am I a Christian.  It was 20-30 minutes of solid conversation.  And God did another amazing work beyond what Sam and I did with the teens.  A brother and sister combo both accepted Christ into their life tonight…WOOHOO!!!  I love it as our group is all over Shreddin’ the Gnar!

Above and beyond what we are seeing unfold in our small group on Monday nights, our teens have committed to share their faith with 5 friends that don’t know Christ = Shreddin’ the Gnar.  Our group has compiled a list of 109 names of teens that don’t know Christ that we are going to go all out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

In addition to our small group Shreddin’ the Gnar, here’s a great testimony from a Youth Leader who attended the Washington, DC conference earlier this month.  Check out what he is doing with his teenagers!


 Hey Greg, I wanted to encourage you! We came back from the DC conference and wanted to capture the commitment that teens made to shred the gnar with 5 friends. So this past week at youth we challenged them to sign a board. It is really cool to see the changes that God has used D2S to have an impact. I resonate in a huge way with the deep & wide approach. It has been an answer to many prayers i have had over the last decade of serving in youth ministry. I am on the edge of my chair waiting to hear about the campus outreach component you have in the pipeline. I want to be able reach the teens that don’t have Christian friends. Let me know if you need a guinea pig ministry to test it out on. Cheers mate! In Christ, Andrew

3 thoughts on “HS Small Group 12/1/08

  1. Two more added to the Kingdom! YESSSS! That is awesome bro! And I love the question. I’m thinking of using that one for our group soon.

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