You may have seen previous HS Small Group posts that i mentioned Michael in or you may even be following the Journey through the posts that are entitled, “Michael.”  Regardless, I have some cool updates on my friend who is exploring and discussing his spiritual journey with me.

As Michael and I continued our conversation yesterday, he gave me 3 gifts / DVDs:

  1. Einstein’s Universe
  2. String’s the Thing
  3. Welcome to the 11th Dimension

Now as I understand from Michael these 3 DVDs are all scientific perspective and theories on creation and the world we live in.  I am very much looking forward to watching the DVDs as it will help me understand where Michael is coming from.  Besides, he has been gracious enough to read the Gospel of John so I am more than happy to oblige.

This week Michael and discussed 2 key concepts: absolute truth & creation.  It was a great dialogue back and forth and it challenges me, in a good way.  At the beginning of our conversation Michael was committed to the fact that there is no absolute truth and that religions have creation myths but there is no way to know which one is true.  As we had our conversation there were a few “breakthroughs” that we came to.  First of all, Michael has arrived at a place where he understands and believes that absolute truths exist.  While he is slow to accept what is absolute truth, it was a step in the right direction.  The common ground that I was able to get him to with creation is that regardless of how many myths and how many scientific theories, we are all here and somehow everything came into being, so regardless of which one is right, there has to be an accurate and factual creation account. 

Continue to pray for Michael and me as we talk through anything and everything.  As we continue to progress down this Journey I have also give Michael the heads up that while I’d like him to continue reading John this week, I believe it would be much more helpful for where we are at in our conversation for him to read Lee Stroebel’s, Case for a Creator.  It’s where we are at and what he is wrestling through the most.  My prayer is that Michael will have an “A-ha” moment reading the book and accept Creationism.  It would then be my hope and prayer that from that conclusion we can progress through the G.O.S.P.E.L.  Thanks for your continued prayers.

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