I just got back home with my friend Brian Ford after working Friday night of the Invincible conference here in Denver, CO.  What an amazing night!  God worked in might ways and it was amazing to see how teenagers responded to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The drama proved to be the most powerful portion of the evening for me, as it typically is.  However this year’s drama brought something different to the table.  We see a teenage girl caught in the midst of spiritual warfare and struggling with cutting…powerful.  It seemed more real and I think on some level, every student in the arena connected with what was being portrayed.

The them for the weekend is Invincible and our text is Ephesians 6:10-20.  We get real with teenagers and let them know how serious the spiritual warfare is that is all around them.  Satan is fighting for the souls of our friends and in the process is attempting to render us apathetic…pathetic!  It’s time we take a stand for the Kingdom of God, armor up, and take the Gospel to every teenager, every friend that we know.

2 thoughts on “D2S – Friday Night

  1. Friday night rocked my world!! I am a youth pastor and brought a great group of teens to the conference. But since this conference is all about spiritual warfare I struggled in actually getting our group to the event! I found out early Friday morning that our 12 passenger van was broken and was not going to run. But God got the glory and though it was stressful God opened the doors for us to borrow another churches van. Then as the day went on I had kids who were committed to the conference back out on me. 7 students in all decided not to go, but the 18 that came still were impacted!!
    The drama is all about spiritual warfare and Friday night was no different. One of the teen girls from my group who has come to our church for 4 years came up to me after the drama and placed in my hand her razor blade that she used to cut herself (I almost didn’t know what to do). She told me that she “was done listening to the lies of Satan and wanted a relationship with Jesus.” I had no idea that she even struggled with cutting. You have never seen a youth pastor cry as much as I did. I wept with her, I prayed with her, and she committed her life fully to Christ that night. When my wife and I talked about it later we realized that this teen girl was so controlled by cutting that she brought the razor to the event and even into the conference… Satan didn’t want our group to go because he knew what victories God would have. Jesus you are amazing!! And Friday night God got the Glory!

  2. AWESOME John! I loved reading your testimony of the weekend. I’m praying for the student that shared with you that she “done listening to the lies of Satan.”

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