I feel like Michael deserves his own post.  God has burdened my heart for this young man the past 24 hours and I have been praying for him constantly throughout the day and evening.  As I keep reliving last night’s conversation in my head there are two statements that he made that are truly breaking my heart.

  1. Michael very much believes that everyone can have their own belief and that is good enough for them, going to the point of arguing that there is no such thing as absolute truth when it comes to morality.  As I listened to his reasoning and logic for drawing such a conclusion I gently and humbly contested that the Christian faith exists in stark contrast to that line of thinking.  Jesus clearly stated that He is the only way to God.  Having said that I simply asked Michael, “What if you’re wrong?  I’m not telling you that you are, but think that idea through.  What if you’re wrong?”  His answer literally distresses me.  He said that when he dies if he stands before God and realizes, “Oh, you are God.  I was wrong,” that he is willing to live with the consequences of his decision and take responsibility for his thinking and is okay at that point spending an eternity in hell.  Obviously, I don’t think he understands the gravity of his statement, but he meant every word of it.
  2. As the conversation progressed I had the opportunity what he did with person, Jesus.  He believes that a man named Jesus did live, was a good teacher and imparted great wisdom to the world, but because he has no proof that Jesus performed miracles and is in fact God, he can’t believe it.  I shared with him the conclusion that C. S. Lewis has drawn about how people percieve Jesus: Lord, liar, or lunatic.  After talking through this with Michael we came to a place where he says he agrees with Lewis, that Jesus must have been 1 of those 3, but since he doesn’t have conclusive information, that was all the farther he could go with that thought process:  Lord, liar, lunatic.  He must be one, but which one can never be answered.  I challenged him sayiing that I know he is a bright, well educated and articulate young man and simply pushed him because of that, to not settle for the fact that Jesus was 1 of those 3, but to decide for himself which of them He is.  Come to a conclusion, not just agree that there are potential conclusions.

Michael then shared with me words of wisdom that his dad imparted to him (which gave me the opportunity to challenge him to read the Gospel of John):  The next best thing to knowing the answer is at least knowing where to find it.  So that takes us to where we are.  I explained to Michael, and he agreed, that when it comes to the Christian faith the Bible is our authority on Who God is and His interaction with His creation.  That being said, that the Bible would be the place to look while trying to answer the question, “Who is Jesus?”  Pray for Michael as he seeks to find that answer.  Pray for me as I have the opportunity to talk with Michael and guide him through the scriptures, by the Holy Spirit’s power and wisdom, and that sooner than later he will understand and accept the Truth.

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