I love our small group that meets on Monday nights.  It is amazing and the teenagers are incredible.  Strong relationships are being built and the kids are becoming more and more relaxed and open as we discuss each week.  Something cool happened tonight as I had the opportunity to speak with 4 young men on 4 different occasions tonight.  Not only will it give you a glimpse into our group and how diverse it is, but it will also give you 4 young men to be praying for.

  1. Brandon.  He is a little more mature in his faith but still growing and the cool thing is he has a desire to grow.  Brandon is wrestling through finding the balance of having lost friends that he can be a positive influence to without allowing their negative influence to distract him from his relationship with Christ.
  2. Evan.  This might be the boldest evangelist in our group, but he might not know it yet.  Pray for Alex, Evan’s friend who doesn’t know Christ, as they have begun spiritual conversations that Evan is trying to wade through, but sometimes feels like he’s drowning.  Evan knows he is saved, but doesn’t feel like he knows enough to share with his friend.
  3. Avery.  This is the young teenage boy who gave his life to Christ a few weeks ago.  He is excited every week at Bible study and has that new Christian excitement about him.  I have tasked his older brother Lee to take the time to dive into the Word with Avery as he begins to grow in his faith.
  4. Michael.  He is the newest addition to our small group and brings a totally new and fresh worldview to the table.  He is fairly well educated, eloquent with his words, but lost when it comes to all things Christ.  We had an incredible conversation tonight and I loved hearing his heart and diving into his beliefs.  Whiel we disagree on just about everything, he agreed to begin reading the Gospel of John this week, a chapter a day, and I have made the commitment with him.  In addition, he has agreed to continue to come to small group with his friend, Marissa, so we can continue our spiritual dialogue.  Pray for us as we dive into scripture and begin a journey of discovery.

So there are 4 snapshots of our group and the dynamics involved.  Doing life with teenagers can be messy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Thanks for your prayers and continued support as Sam and I continue to invest in the lives of these teenagers.

One thought on “HS Small Group 11/3/08

  1. Thanks for sharing about your small group each week. Especially sharing these four teen guys. Now we have something specific to be praying about in our small group.

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