Today I preached for the second time at Northern Hills as we continued with our second we into the sermon series: Kill Pride – Seven Swords of Humility, which is a study through the book of Philippians.  The last time I preached we were in Titus 3.  Today, Philippains 2.  I truly love the opportunity to preach and share from God’s Word, but I carry it like a heavy burden on my back.  Preaching God’s Word is a huge responsibility in my mind because I am given the opportunity to communicate God’s Word to His people.  I never want to misquote, misspeak, or misrepresent that Word.

Today’s sermon actually gave me fits as I prepared for it because it is the first time I have ever taught on pride.  I have always “enjoyed” working through a text as I get ready to teach or preach and having God work in my life.  This week, “enjoyed” isn’t the word I would use to describe that experience.  There were days it was actually difficult as God dealt with teh pride in my life.  Ultimately, I am better for it, but it hasn’t been the most comfortable spiritual experience.  And even though the sermon is behind me, I know God isn’t done carving out the pride in my life. 

At the end of the day, this morning was an awesome experience and I loved the opportunity to share.  It was awesome to see God work in the lives of His people and a blessing to see new life begun in two new believers.  I’d love any thoughts and feedback so if you have the opportunity, CLICK HERE to to listen to the sermon: NOV 2:  Kill Pride by the Sword of Unity.

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