So it is definitely that time of year that many refer to as the holiday season: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year’s all within 60 days of each other.  I absolutely love it because this is the time of year that gives me the right to eat as much as I want and take in all the football that I can set my eyes on.  Could a guy ask for more?  Now that I have a family it is even more exciting because I secretly live all of the holiday experiences through my 7-year-old son, Christian.  All you can eat candy at Halloween, all you can eat everything at Thanksgiving, presents at Christmas, and staying up past midnight on New Year’s Eve.

But in celebrating all of these I have developed a little bit of an issue.  It used to be that Christmas came after Thanksgiving, or at least the same time as Thanksgiving weekend.  Then, as “Corporate Christmas” picked up momentum, Christmas came before Thanksgiving.  Now, “Corporate Christmas” rears it’s ugly head before Halloween.  This is the weekend before Halloween and I just went shopping with my son and we were both astonished to see the Christmas lights up at the shopping center.  And don’t get me started on the fact that I could have bought my Christmas lights back during the back-to-school sales and Labor Day weekend…SERIOUSLY!

As I pondered this and even found myself getting frustrated as I dwelt on this, I realized I was upset because the world wanted to celebrate Christmas for more than just the day that it is.  Then two things donned on me while I sulked:

  1. As a Christian, I’ve been given the mandate to share Christmas everyday of the year.
  2. The world has given me an easy street to telling them about the real reason for Christmas.

So while I still have a hard time swallowing the concept that I am going to see flashing red, white and green lights 3 months out of the year AND I have to watch and hear the dancing, singing Rupolph doll in the aisles of Target, I am going to use all of them as a reminder that the world is just begging for someone to tell them the Good News of Jesus Christ.

3 thoughts on “Christmas before Halloween?

  1. Kim and I were in Target this past weekend shopping for our Matthew House Party we had on Saturday night and we both commented on how they had already stocked the shelves with Christmas decorations. We just shook our heads. But after reading your post I like what you said in the closing paragraph.
    “I am going to use all of them as a reminder that the world is just begging for someone to tell them the Good News of Jesus Christ.”
    Thanks for sharing bro!

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