As Sales Manager for Dare 2 Share Ministries I feel like I live in a world of deadlines, this week being the epitomy of deadlines: Denver’s Advanced Deadline.  We have a major registration deadline on month in advance of each conference and Denver seems to take the cake.  It’s our home town, which adds a unique twist.  And as I refer to it, a late push or last minute city.  The vast majority of our registrations come in the day of the deadline and the subsequent online orders over the weekend.  This year was no different.  Today was a HUGE day for registrations and now it’s just a matter of praying for the online registrations through Sunday evening.

What makes the stress worth it?  Seeing an arena full of teenagers and Youth Leaders in a month as we host the Denver Youth Evangelism Training Conference at the Pepsi Center on November 14-15.  On Friday night I will probably find my way up to the upper section of the arena and sit in the highest row to watch the drama and GOSPEL presentation.  Some might not consider this the best seat in the house, but I would contend there is no better seat.  My concern isn’t seeing the drama from the front row or being in the thick of the crowd, but being able to see every person in that arena as they respond to what takes place.  What a blessing!

So as crazy and as frequents as deadlines come and go in my world, the end results is worth every ounce of stress and anxious anticipation.

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