We rounded out our trip yesterday in Portland, OR and again we had the privilege of spending the afternoon with about 75 Youth Leaders who love the Lord and love the teens that they work worth.  It’s such a blessing to be in the room as Greg downloads this year’s training to them and to have the opportunity to sit back and watch as Youth Leaders get so excited about what Dare 2 Share is offering them.  Even though I have heard the training 9 times this year, it doesn’t get old and I get something out of it every time!

It was so encouraging to connect with these Youth Leaders, but I have to admit I was highly encouraged by one couple in particular that traveled all the way from the island of Hawi, Hawaii.  The had learned about the event less than a week ago and were able to catch a flight off the island to join us in Portland.  Not only did they come to get this great training from Greg, but they are now registered for the conference and as I talked to them I learned that their goal is to network with other churches on the island and get as many to come with them as they can to the Seattle conference March 20-21.

Pray with me that they are successful in their efforts to rally our brothers and sisters in Christ who live on the islands.  Pray also for Youth Leaders who are 10 minutes away from the Key Arena in Seattle that they will be just as compelled to bring their students to the Invincible Youth Evangelism Training conference this Spring!

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