So I am a little bummed tonight because I missed out on our weekly high school small group.  I got a few txts and a voicemail tonight with some quick updates which made me miss it even more.  We had 20 kids in group tonight which is totally sweet as we are seeing on average 2 new students a week.

The kids are continuing to grow deeper in their faith and are becoming more and more aware of the need to share their faith.  I have even had a few tell me how they are using Venti Jesus Please and who they are having spiritual discussions with.  One girl, who just came out to group for the first time last week, has passed on VJP to one of her Mormon friends.  She told me that as they had a spiritual conversation she was able to answer her Mormon friend’s questions about her faith, but that the Mormon teen was not able to do the same in return.  Pray that God will use this opportunity, and this girl in our small group, to rescue another soul into the Kingdom!

It has been awesome to see the transformation that can take place in a few short weeks!

So why did I miss small group tonight?  I am on the road with Dare 2 Share in Seattle, WA and then Portland, OR.  Be on the look out for a posting tomorrow or Wednesday about the trip.

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