Another great week with our high school small group.  It was incredible to have 18 students and 4 leaders crammed into my friends Sam living room tonight as we discussed 1 Peter 3:15, listened to half a dozen students recite Matthew 28:19-20 from memory, discuss Venti Jesus Please, and drum up interest in the Invincible conference coming to Denver on November 14 & 15. 

I think what I get excited about the most every week with our group is seeing new faces and the light bulbs that go off as students are beginning to open up and engage in spiritual conversations.  This week I had the opportunity to connect with a few students and spend some time investing in them.  It’s such a thrill.  I am bumbed that I am going to be gone next week as I travel to Seattle, WA and Portland, OR for D2S. 

Be praying for our students as we get ready to launch the Gospel Journey MAUI next month.  I can’t wait to see what God is going to do as we dive into this curriculum.  Also pray for our students as we have given them the remainder of this month to memorize the Great Commission.  Once we hit November we’ll have a new verse for them to memorize.

One thought on “HS Small Group 10/6/08

  1. I love the idea of having them memorize The Great Commission. Keep up the awesome work bro! I hoping to get our copy of the GJM by the time I leave DC next month so we can start it as well. Remind me to share an idea I have regarding small groups.

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